iPad 2 to PC transfer

Do you want to save your important iPad 2 files in your PC?

Are you facing problems in transferring files from iPad 2 to PC or PC to iPad 2?

How it is possible from IPad 2 to PC Transfer?

IPad 2 is latest and most awaited gadget launched by Apple Inc. When iPad was launched it was an uprising product, and now iPad 2 continues with the similar revolutionary changes of its own. Actually we can say that Apple’s iPad 2 is the next generation gadget. The new iPad 2 has amazing new features like dual cameras, HDMI adapters, mesmerizing slim look, supports thousands of different type of applications, increased battery life. IPad 2 is powered with Apple A4 1 GHz processor, with 9.7 inch screen and runs on the OS of iPhone. Overall a full notebook running at your finger tips.

Although these features are 100% reliable but have you ever thought that if anytime at anyplace if you lost your important data by any of the physical or logical damage, which was only on your iPad 2. Unless may this not be a big issue for you but what about transferring files from PC to iPad 2 and vice-versa. The answer is iPad 2 to PC Transfer.

iPad 2 to PC Transfer is specialized software to transfer your every IPad 2 files to PC with unbelievable speed. This software is specially designed for iPad 2 users, which can copy your iPad 2 files like movie, music, TV recordings, Pod casts, iTunes, Pictures, SMS, Contacts, Call list and everything you want to transfer to your PC for safety.

On the other hand it is compatible to all models and all versions of iPad, iPod, iPhone including the 16 GB, 32GB and 64 GB models of any product. Significant features of iPad 2 to PC Transfer are mentioned below: -

  • Transfer total files of iPad 2- all types of files can be transferred with the help of IPad 2 to PC Transfer by simple steps and fast OS.
  • Files can be exported to iTunes- this software helps you to copy all iPod files like TV shows, pod casts, iTunes U and then you can transfer it from PC to IPad 2 iTunes.
  • Show the detail of iPad- iPad 2 to PC Transfer can easily identify your iPad 2 or any other Apple’s device if connected once with computer, and display all the information about its capacity, type, version and serial number.
  • Compatible with every model- This software is built with a strong algorithm than can read any model of iPad, iPod, iPhone, iPhone 3G and also iPhone 4G.
  • Can make backups- iPad 2 to PC Transfer can easily create back up files for your iPhone SMS, Call lists, Contacts and all it can do for iPhone 4 also.